Brief History

Sussex Cleaning Services Were formed in 1980 and have built our cleaning contracts steadily to the present day. As a cleaning company we have expanded only at a rate only in the full knowledge that our control over cleaning contracts and services will remain totally efficient at all times.

Left AlignCleaning contracts are structured on this efficiency i.e. site management, supervisions and most of all personal immediate service. We have close liaison with the customer to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition Sussex Cleaning Services are immediately and easily contactable in case of emergency.

General Information

Right Align Sussex Cleaning Services are a local office cleaning company based in the Brighton and Hove area. We feel because of this we are able to offer the necessary personal care and attention that your cleaning contract will require at all times.

Identification cards are issued to all cleaners at the clients request. No cleaners under the age of 18 years are employed.

Cleaners are stricly forbidden to bring children to the premises.

All of our cleaners are instructed in the correct and safe usage of machinery and materials.

References of our ability can be provided at the clients request.

For a free quotation contact us today on 01273 423400